Latest News – September 28

Leadville’s Meet The Candidates: Elliott v. Glenn

Voting day is Tuesday, Nov. 8 and approaching fast. Politicians and voters alike are preparing for the day by posing and addressing the most important questions.


Leadville Today will be bringing weekly political roundup reports to the reader every Wednesday leading up to Election results on November 9.

First, the seat for District 3 Lake County Commissioner. Candidates Mark E. Glenn (R) and Bud Elliott (D), spoke at Meet the Candidates, held at Colorado Mountain College on Sept. 26. One of the more interesting questions: what do you think was the best and worst decision that the current Board of County Commsioners have made? That and other revealing information about your candidates can be found in this video of their question and answer exchange.



Also at Meet the Candidates were Mike Bordogna and Betty Benson speaking on behalf of Gail Schwartz (D) and incumbent Scott R. Tipton (R) respectively. Both are running for 3rd Congressional District House Representative. A video of their surrogates’ statements follows. Stay informed, stay involved, and stay tuned on Leadville Today for local political coverage until Election Day!




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