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Leadville News – May 15

Leadville, Clean Up Your Act, Yard, Sidewalk . . 

It’s that time of year! As the snow melts away, and lawns and hillsides everywhere give up their winter treasures and trash, it’s time to do some spring cleaning! As usual, there are a few opportunities for Leadville and Lake County residents to help out with local efforts for cleaning up the town. So here’s the rundown of Community Clean-Up opportunities, please do what you can to help.

Clean Up_1

Leadville businesses on historic Harrison Avenue, like Melanzana, are leading the way in the spring clean-up in Leadville Today. Looking good – your efforts are much appreciated. Photo: Leadville Today/Kathy Bedell

In between the Spring snowstorms, most Leadville and Lake County residents have caught glimpses of the ground and all the dirt and mess that gets covered up during the winter. However, by this weekend, most of that snow will go, and the list of chores will grow! Clean up the yard, get that garage under control, and FINALLY, make a dump run.

Voucher program flyer 2018

Fortunately, help is on the way, with the Annual Spring Voucher Program at the Lake County Landfill which kicked off last Saturday, May 19. During the program, Lake County residents will receive a voucher for an equal or lesser amount of trash, to be redeemed in one trip. (Example: If you bring 3 yards of trash, you will receive a voucher for 3 yards of trash, which may be redeemed in one trip, not a little bit at a time). You will receive a voucher from May 19 thru October 20 for paid loads. Those vouchers may be used from May 19 thru December 31, 2018. It’s a great motivator to remove the trash from your property. For voucher program guidelines: CLICK

In other clean-up news, the recycle bins have been removed from the Community Park location. And this time it’s not due to a trash issue but rather a labor shortage. The landfill is down to 3, now 2 employees, and the advertised positions are not getting filled. As a result, priorities have shifted and there is no longer the staff available to haul up the recyclables from this location.

Therefore, folks who use these recycle bins will now have to take those items directly up to the facility at the landfill. Readers should note that they can still drop off recyclables into these bins which will now be at the landfill on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the days when the facility is officially closed. The good news for southern Lake County, is that the bins will remain open in Twin Lakes. UPDATE: This remote recycling center located on County Road 10 has also been temporarily closed due to a labor shortage in Leadville Today.  All recycling will now need to be taken directly to the facility at the landfill until further notice. By the way,  according to Lake County Public Works Director Brad Palmer even if the jobs are filled, there’s no guarantee the bins will re-open any time soon, because of the heavy work load crews have on the calendar this summer.

Church Steeple Repair Annunciation Leadville Today copy

Called to a higher purpose, workers repair the aluminum siding to the steeple of Leadville’s historic Annunciation Church. The two Catholic Churches which make up Holy Family Parish in Leadville have been undergoing major repair and restoration work for the past couple of years. The efforts are really paying off, but there’s still BIG work ahead. Photo: Leadville Today

Users of Leadville’s Mineral Belt Trail (MBT) should also make note of some upcoming cleanup and repair work which will begin next week on the popular non-motorized trail. Beginning Monday, May 21 Lake County Road and Bridge crews will be doing shoulder work repair on the pathway. Users should take caution of work crews signs and reduce speeds in these work zones, please. The shoulder repair work will utilize some heavy equipment, allowing the side edges of the trail to be regenerated, repairing some of the erosion that has occurred on the widely used 11.5 mile loop around town. This work will begin at 12th Street & Alder (the animal shelter), continuing clockwise  along the path, and should wrap up mid-June. Please respect the work crews on this project or the entire trail could be shut down during the process. 

In addition, according to Lake County Public works Director Brad Palmer, the MBT is scheduled to go through a sealant process at the end of June. This process will be a bit more involved with more details to be released as the time draws closer; but for those who have plans for using the MBT in late June – Heads up! 

Recycle Bins Community Park

It’s bye-bye to the recycle bins at the Lake County Community Park location. And this time it’s not a trash issue, but a labor shortage that has the satellite location on pause, indefinitely. Photo: Leadville Today

The Leadville & Lake County Annual Community Clean-up event is scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. This year, volunteers are being asked to meet at the back deck of the Elks Lodge. From there volunteers are broken up into teams and dispersed throughout the city for zone clean-up detail. Recycle & trash bags, as well as gloves will be available.

And last, but not least because it is fast becoming an annual event not to be missed, is the Annual Leadville Jewish Cemetery Clean Up Weekend, this year on Saturday and Sunday, June 23 and 24. Now in its 22nd year, this cleanup helps to beautify the resting places of the dearly departed laid to rest in the beautiful Jewish Cemetery adjacent to the Evergreen cemetery in Leadville. There is an entire weekend of events planned, featuring Shabbat Morning service led by Rabbi Sara Gilbert. This event has become an annual pilgrimage for many from the front range Jewish Community. The public is welcome and more details can be found HERE.

Also, a reminder for residents and heads up for newbies, the Leadville Police Department (LPD) has been stepping up enforcement of Municipal Code 8.08.020, which deals with trash enforcement. Citations were issued last year and you will see the enforcers out on patrol. The department has already begun the “abatement” process on many properties in the city. The LPD will cite and/or summons to court individuals who are in violation and fail to respond to notices to clean it up. You can find the specifics to the municipal code HERE.

Well, there you have it it’s time to brush the long cold winter off this town! And there’s plenty of opportunity to pitch in and help out!

Leadville News – May 14

Turquoise Lake: The Snowmelt Begins

Leadville Man Charged in Shooting Incident 

The following information was released on Friday May 11, 2018 by the office of Fifth Judicial District Attorney Bruce Brown.

TJ Reynolds, 19, of Leadville, was charged formally on May 10 with 1st Degreeb Assault (F3), Menancing (F5), Violation of Bail Bond (M3 and F6), and 2nd Degree Criminal Trespass (M2), related to a May 3, 2018 incident occurring in unincorporated Lake County involving another person and a neighbor, stemming from an argument that preceded a shooting.


TJ Reynolds

One person is at a hospital recovering from gunshot wounds but is considered to be in stable condition.

Defendant TJ Reynolds’ next court appearance is May 29th at 11a.m. in the Lake County Court. He remains in custody since his May 3 arrest. Bond has been set in the amount of $250,000.


Semi-Truck Safety: Sharing The Road

When looking at driving safety in our state, it has to be looked at from every angle.  This month, I want to talk about driving on the road with semi-trucks.  A semi with a trailer is approximately 70’ on average.  Think of that as having a 6 story building going down the highway.  They are big, bulky, and slow to stop and take up a lot of room when changing direction.  Drivers making an error in judgement around semis or a semi driver making an error in judgement around cars can have serious to fatal consequences. 

All it takes is a little pre-planning on both the semi driver and the driver’s in other smaller vehicles to make sure a crash doesn’t happen.  By this I mean have a plan for the unexpected.  Don’t follow too closely, in case the other vehicle has to stop quickly and without notice.  Know the stopping distance of your vehicle at highway speeds.  For instance, a fully loaded semi-truck with a gross vehicle weight of up to 80,000 pounds, going just 55mph, has a stopping distance of 100 yards; that’s the length of a football field. Accident_RedBull

Drivers in cars and trucks need to make sure to give semi’s plenty of space when merging in front of them or you may have it sitting on top of your car.  For the semi driver, make sure you are checking and continue to re-check your mirrors when making those lane changes.  Smaller cars and trucks can easily hide in those blind spots.

Just because you are big, doesn’t mean you don’t have to give the right of way to other vehicles.  Make sure your right of way is free of other traffic prior to merging or turning onto a roadway.  On the other side, please give semi’s a break when they are trying to merge or make turns.  It takes a lot of space to maneuver these rigs and to get one going can take some time.

In areas where there is heavy semi traffic, try to avoid the area if possible to reduce your chance of having a crash with one of them.  If you drive the semi, try to make sure you don’t get in a small convoy with other semis so you can give the smaller and often local traffic a break.

By being courteous to one another on the roadways, we can eliminate crashes that involve semi-trucks with other vehicles.  Try and put yourself in the other person’s vehicle and think about what they would like from you so they can get where they are going, just as they can try to help you get to your destination.

And lastly, in case anyone has forgotten the other big one, here is a reminder:  blinkers, blinkers, blinkers. 

Remember, these tips are good to pass along to the younger drivers in your life.  Please spread the word. As always, safe travels!